A group that combines cutting-edge technology and experience.

Tikedo is a group set up to provide maximum specialisation in the label sector. From the history and experience of 9 label manufacturers, an industrial concern made up of know-how, cutting-edge technology and high specialisation.

Etichettificio LGL
LGL Etichettificio


LGL has some of the most innovative equipment and a fleet of 12 flexographic lines with up to 10-colour printing, foil and adhesive back printing.

Its location, in the industrial area of Santarcangelo di Romagna, makes it strategic for its proximity to leading companies and to easily reach any place, from North to South.

Prisma Etichettificio


Over the course of time, Prisma has developed a specialisation in the areas of charcuterie and dairy production. The company is characterised by professional competence, which has enabled it to reach the top of production and quality levels in the sector.

Its strategically located Milan headquarters enable the company to quickly and easily reach the entire Po Valley catchment area.

Sefran foto produzione
Sefran Etichettificio


Sefran is the leading Italian company in digital self-adhesive printing, with 5 printing machines, equipped with both toner and inkjet.

Moreover, thanks to its finishing machinery, it is able to produce the most innovative value-added labels available on the market.

Alfa Etichettificio


Alfa specialises in the printing of self-adhesive labels in reels, multi-page, shrink sleeves and single-serving sachet laminates. The company has machinery for rotary and digital flexo printing, and thanks to the HP Indigo system is able to provide very high quality for small and medium runs.

The company also provides a silk-screen printing service which, through the use of highly opaque colours, chromatic glosses and tactile effects, enables the creation of labels with a strong aesthetic impact.

Esterno dello stabilimento Alfa - Gruppo Tikedo
Adhegrafic Etichettificio


The leading company in the Iberian peninsula in the self-adhesive labels market. At Adhegrafic, cutting-edge technology plays lead role and is the main tool in the hands of the professionals who work there.

The constant updating of its fleet of machines makes Adhegrafic a competitive company capable of providing solutions obtained from advanced processes, guaranteeing levels of quality that are impossible to achieve using traditional methods.


Gráfica Reca S.L. was founded in December 2007 and its entry into the Tikedo Group represents another step in the vision of creating a reference player in the label market for Southern Europe. ctor.

The enormous knowledge of the wine sector that can be found in Graficas Reca combined with the different printing methods used, allows the group to assert itself concretely in the reference sector. 


Founded in 2012 with plants in Gerenzano and Viadana, Mach Label Srl has established itself as a trusted supplier of self-adhesive labels in various sectors, including Food, Health & Personal Care, Cosmetics, Pet Care and Pharmaceuticals.

The company has a production facility equipped with innovative machinery, including state-of-the-art, high-end digital and flexographic printing systems and flexible packaging printing solutions.


The Modulgraf graphics industry was founded in 1982 as a producer of commercial printed matter. In 1990, it acquired its first machine for printing self-adhesive labels; this was the beginning of the production of mainly wine labels.

Modulgraf is self-adhesive labels, offset, screen and flexographic printing; it is elegance of embossing and hot foil tapes; the precision and security of your colours; research, innovation and the development of ideas.


Impaks was founded as a label manufacturer more than 20 years ago. It soon began to specialize in alcoholic beverage labeling, the most challenging and complex type of label in terms of production processes.

It offers analog and digital technologies, foil printing, embossing, varnishing, hot and cold lamination, and in-house printing. The color possibilities are unlimited, including foil options.