Top quality, experience and rapid manufacturing: this is Tikedo.

The products that make up our offer can be adapted to specific needs and requests. We offer specific technical advice on the aspects and purposes of each project, which is produced by highly qualified personnel on state-of-the-art systems.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are suitable for endless customizations including graphic options, material specifications and format size.
Tikedo deliver its pressure sensitive labels in rolls, sheets, fanfolds and cross-hatching for tear-off.
Spotless product quality is secured on both small and long runs with any type of finishing or embellishment such as lamination, printing of metallic foils, labels with sector adhesive removal.
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Pressure Sensitive labels with strong aesthetic appeal

Pressure sensitive labels are the ideal mean for conveying the customer brand and product value. This type of labels requires a partner capable of flawless production. Tikedo helps clients design their labels considering market trends and the business sector characteristics.
Tikedo is also capable of printing at the back of the label (glue side). Tikedo prints up to 10 colours faithfully reproducing all colour grades.

All printing technologies for

digital flexography offset screen printing

We adopt all printing technologies, when appropriate combining them, in order to best satisfy customer needs. We are expert in label embellishments, i.e. cold and hot foils, embossing and debossing, braille and silk/screen, protective coatings, plastification and multiple materials coupling. We also offer the possibility of variable data printing.
The production process is carried out in a BRC certified plant using raw materials certified by approved suppliers. The quality of our products is guaranteed by the use of scan/cameras and software dedicated to detecting any printing defect.

Functional Pressure Sensitive labels

Pressure sensitive labels can be printed up to 10 colours. Both sides of the labels can be printed. Tikedo prints the labels at its premises leaving a dedicated space for clients to overprint variable data at its facilities. Labels are pre-printed with high quality standards and they can be permanently personalized with the variable data of the user/packaging companies.
Materials: FSC-certified coated papers, thermal papers, PP, PE, PET, compostable materials and many others. Each material, combined with the most suitable adhesive (permanent or removable), can be used in a wide range of sectors, from food to durable goods. Our labels can be certified for direct food contact.
  • Price-weight labels.
  • Blank labels.
  • Thermal labels (with potential double side protection)
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Non-adhesive labels

Realizing a professional non adhesive label (such as wine-glass or neck/collar) requires a careful selection of materials and finishing.
There are many sectors in which this label type is applied and Tikedo offers a broad range of products, all of which are supplied with flexibility, short deadlines and excellent quality.
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Sleeve is the best solution for companies looking to maximise their products shelf appeal and communication potential.
Without the use of any adhesive, sleeve labels are applied to the surface of the product causing an eye-catching effect, giving recognition to the brand and originality to the product.
Sleeve labels are easily detachable from the products on which they are applied. This feature simplifies the correct disposal of the different kinds of primary and secondary packaging.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves, tamper-proof seals, total body labels and multi-pack solutions are all typical of this technology and can be applied on products of all kinds.
Also in this case it is possible to print up to 10 colors on different materials.


Available in both reduced-thickness versions (for reduced plastic consumption) and in versions that allow to reduce the consumption of steam/hot air required for the shrinking process.
Recycled PET
Film composed up to 50% by granules derived from the waste disposal of both factories and households.
Film with a reduced specific weight which allows reducing the amount of plastic materials required for its production.
Hybrid and polyolefin films
Multi-layer solutions with optimised mechanical properties.

Multi-layer and coupon labels

This type of labels includes different subcategories according to need and use. In general, multi-page labels optimise the use of smaller application areas. Thanks to double-sided printing, they can include a great number of information. In fact, various details such as composition of the product, ingredients, usage instructions, warnings, etc. can be printed in multiple languages and contained in a very small sized label.
There is an increasing demand for multi-page labels in different sectors and they are available in several sizes and range of colours. Label sizes vary from small to large according to the required use.
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Labelers, printers and ribbon tapes

We supply accessories such as variable data printers, ribbons, label applicators, label rewinders and pricing machines. The fastest, most widespread technology, suitable for any type of condition and use, with the best value for money. Furthermore, by choosing Tikedo you’re sure to be provided with the assessment of the best solution for every project.